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Prestige Park Square location

Construction Technology Trends

Construction technology is a field related to construction engineering that deals more with the practical aspects of projects. Construction technologists or construction technicians learn some of the design aspects similar to civil engineers and some of the project site management aspects similar to construction managers. Prestige Park Square is one among the properties on Bannerghatta road which follows a typical new construction technologies to over come many problems while building a residential skyscraper.

Prestige Park Square location
Prestige Park Square location
  • Types of Construction Technologies: Construction industry has a wide range of constructions suitable for every type of society. Commercial construction, industrial construction, domestic construction, heavy or civil constructions are a few examples that are now displaying master pieces of construction technologies.

Simple technological methods are usually preferred for domestic construction. These are mostly short term and low-cost projects.

In commercial construction, are mostly launched by government agencies. The basic concern is infrastructure that is responsible for strength and life of project. Thus, it is important to take care of the latest equipment, construction technologies, and materials.

  • Technology in building designs: Technology is helping in the advancement of various construction processes. One of them is emphasis on designing buildings before practically constructing these buildings. One of such computerized systems greatly enhances the communication among engineers and designers, that are working on the project is, Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Innovations in Construction Technology: There are also many innovations in the field of construction technology as we can see; there is huge difference between new and old construction methods. Use of latest equipment has made its way through the civil engineering. Most of the building parts such as pillars, roofs, and concrete blocks are available in prepared forms that increase the speed of construction process greatly.
  • The Green Revolution: The green revolution has also some effects on this industry. The latest concept has also emerged the global movement of saving the natural environment .It means natural environment should not be spoiled while constructing buildings, and materials used for building must be eco-friendly. It is actually an eco –friendly movement created to save our planet and require for both domestic as well as commercial constructions.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED): LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) is the latest approach in construction technology. It was designed to check whether an industry is using an eco-friendly model for the construction.
  • Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System: Now-a-days for the construction of bridges new technologies are introduced to reduce time and labor. Also it ensures the strength and stability for the project but also increases the overall cost of production. In early system, cables were drawn manually and then concrete was poured to enhance the sturdiness by using massive labor.
  • Styrofoam Panels: It helps in providing good resistance to heat convection and used in homes for the heat control. Styrofoam panels are actually EPS foam that is sealed between steel sheets for strength and this foam works as thermal resistor.
  • Unbounded PT Slabs: Unbounded PT slabs are being used in construction industry since long and have proven them beneficial. These are affordable for constructing modern buildings and are also considered reliable for their quality and strength. The unbounded PT slabs are light weight and flexible due to small thickness of its unbounded tendon.

Thus, construction technology focuses on construction and structural principles, safety standards, and the steps involved in the design, procurement and construction of a project.

Prestige Park Square


The fact is undeniable, that a kitchen is the most integral part of the home, but often it is neglected. However, with changing trends and modernization, people are opting for more modular kitchen. Well, now whether if you feel that your current layout needs a bit of or a more of renovating or you simply want to get your kitchen painted, why not put some extra efforts and plan out a trendy, designer kitchen? To help sort things out here is a list of trendy kitchen designs:



Prestige Park Square
Prestige Park Square

Try paint the cabinets in the kitchen in two different shades of color such as the Blue and the green or different shades of complementing wood stains, this will give your kitchen a stylish modern look, if you don’t wish to do for double coloring, stick to one bright color, such as a violet, it will surely define the style.




If you wish to give your kitchen a high-end look, opt for quartz. The material is quite hard which makes it last for long and is anti-microbial. Quartz counter tops comes in different shapes and colors as well as with realistic stone patterns to swirl & large veining. Grey, creamy & white finishes are what is ruling the market when we talk about colors.



Something that worth a mention in the list is the kitchen storage. Storage can pose a big problem when it comes to kitchen and with basic storage cabinet, the place tends to become more messy. With modern kitchen ideas, there comes better storage facility with inbuilt or wall fitted cabinetries, such as, appliances garage to contain small appliances in the kitchen, drawer divider to store cutlery & utensils, pullouts to keep the spices safe, dividers for trays, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, deep drawers for storing drinks and last but not the least waste bucket cabinets.



Well  when you are already re-modelling your kitchen why not have a multi-purpose kitchen island? Infact, they have become the focal point when it comes to designing a modern kitchen. This can be implemented when you plan to cut down the number of wall cabinets in your kitchen. A kitchen island may have fitted cabinets and may be you can accommodate your oven too if you are fond of baking. Apart from this, the top of the island will serve as a casual dining table or a drinking bar, all you got to do is arrange some seating in proportion to the size of the island table.




If the idea of cabinets bore you, you can always opt for open shelvings. Rather, open shelvings are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen trends. It gives your kitchen a style statement. Apart from that, you can always decorate the open shelves with mini flower pots to add some greenery to the kitchen. You can also add up some internal lightings to the shelves that will give your kitchen a more lively look indeed.


Kitchen is the heart of a home, so it is important to take good care of it. Just as the above mentioned Prestige Park Square , an upcoming residential apartments in Bannerghatta road is having some new kitchen finshings which will make one to think to buy the property.

Prestige Property | Tumkur Road | Bangalore


Prestige Property | Tumkur Road | Bangalore

Prestige Jindal City
Prestige Jindal City


Prestige Jindal City Bangalore

Prestige Jindal Located on the Tumkur Road is a prime region of Bangalore and acknowledges extraordinary system to all reasons for interest arranged in and around the Bangalore city. Prestige Jindal City wander is a champion among the most pined for assignments and its shocking territory goes along with it with all the basic purposes of enthusiasm of Bangalore.

From the Prestige Jindal City, the nearest Railway Station is Chikkabanavara Railway Station, which is simply around 5.8 km from the endeavor site. Each room of the Prestige Jindal City level will be outfitted with each latest merriment which encourages one to stay effortlessly with his/her family. Qualification Jindal City on Tumkur Road, Bengaluru is the best township of Bangalore in light of its proximity to Hebbal, Mysore Road and diverse parts of Bangalore city. Peenya has numerous associations, best private apartment suites, awesome schools and mending focuses and will no doubt fulfill each need of the all-inclusive community living around there. Prestige Jindal City takes after a leave spring of peace in the center of the Bangalore the Silicon city. Prestige Jindal City is proposed to make every condominium a sheltered place of security. A clubhouse that is specially appointed with unwinding cordialities rounds things off to perfection. Prestige Jindal City has the suitable measure of room you require, each one of the excesses your lifestyle demands, while up ‘til now arranging you close to the downtown zone. Prestige Jindal City is planned to make every apartment suite a heaven of insurance. Prestige Jindal City errand will be a top-notch private change from the Prestige planners and the architects rush to make this endeavor a land check progression in the Bangalore city. Prestige Jindal price will be in a matter of seconds revealed as this is a yet to be moved wander.

Besides that, the customer can in like manner impact usage of our official site to assemble the site to a configuration, floor plan and distinctive bits of knowledge about the space. Prestige Jindal City wander is arranged at Tumkur road in Bangalore that is pleasant to accomplish the railroad station and the air terminal. Each room of the Prestige Jindal City level is outfitted with each and every latest extravagance which help with staying okay with the family. We expect to show different indoor diversions for the little age’s family to high people so they can simply experience the unwinding hour with more fun and merry. We mean to produce the house with content with ceasing workplaces that will have basic access to the auto at whatever point.

Prestige Jindal Bangalore is another great upcoming apartment in Tumkur Road by the prime land lender of South India, Prestige Group. It would be an ideal blend of contemporary building joined with best headways combined realizing an excellent loft suite able pleasure unequivocally for each and every individual. Prestige Jindal City advancement reaches out finished a wide region which would consolidate of rich green outfield spread past the extent of typical sight. Prestige Jindal City involves 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK units to offer to its customers.

Prestige Jindal City is worked with the best quality materials which are astoundingly basic as a calling. A bit of the merriments that are open in this undertaking are Swimming Pool, giving best Processing inside your chance term, Tennis and Basketball Courts, Chip and Putt Golf Course, Swimming Pool and dash Pool, Golf Course Club, Children’s Play locale, Sit-out for Senior Citizens, Party Lawn within the current style Lights, Spa and Wellness Club.


Prestige Jindal City Price

Prestige Jindal City Pricing details will be available on request.

Unit Type Size In Sq.Ft Rate per Sq.Ft Total Basic Price
1 BHK N/A Sq. Ft N/A Sq. Ft N/A*
2 BHK N/A Sq. Ft N/A Sq. Ft N/A*
3 BHK N/A Sq. Ft N/A Sq. Ft N/A*
4 BHK N/A Sq. Ft N/A Sq. Ft N/A*


Prestige Jindal City Location Map


You can have a look at the video of this project below 👇


Prestige Group is famous to connect past business, cabin, warmth, and unwinding despite retail. The creation has been extraordinarily refreshing to wind up being one of the passage properties and is along these lines well embellishment the perspective of the South India. In light of the key partner of how an untainted home should be organized has in like manner been talented with the most current progressions worked in both arrangement and its continuous change in each and every propel which realizes such destroy wanders available in variety run which is fitting for the standard requirements which each one of the occupants suspect.

An Investor Investing in Bangalore can have them going with central focuses:

Bangalore city is known for its extraordinary peace situation.

The state government has out and out reworked the theory procedure.

Bangalore city has remarkable contrasted with other telecom structure workplaces in the country.

Bangalore is one of the snappiest creating and most prominent customer promotes in India.

The city is a home to a bit of the primary electronic, biotech and overpowering equipment associations.

Prestige Group has a couple of national and worldwide respects in various orders:

  • National Award for Marketing Excellence :
  • Award for Content Marketing
  • Best In-House Magazine – Falcon News
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year 2016
  • Dun and Bradstreet (Corporate Award)
  • Best Shopping Center – South Forum
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards
  • FIABCI World Prix D Excellence Awards


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Under Construction Projects In Bangalore South



Prestige Park Square
Prestige Park Square

Prestige Park Square is the new pre-launch residential projects in Bangalore by Prestige Group. Prestige Park Square which is an under construction projects in Bangalore south with excellent surrounding atmosphere, a reassuring environment which will always suit any residential destination and has been the major factors that have drawn huge investments into real estate industry which guarantees excellence returns. One such certainty destination is about to propel from the heart of the city.

Prestige Park Square which is an upcoming residential project in Bangalore is an addition made to the current thriving sector of this Indian Silicon Valley has yet again proved why Bengaluru has been the supreme selection for a real destination. Prestige Park Square residential project will host units which suit both nuclear and large family and that has been spread across a wide acres area surrounded by colossal green covering throughout the land area installed with all modern facilities which are basically needed to be included in current trend so that it would be an ideal destination. Prestige Park Square offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK units with various sq ft area sizes. Prestige Park Square is located on the well known Bannerghatta road.

Homes in Prestige Park Square are intended with one-dimensional design responsiveness, keeping the supplies to be used as a priority. We at Prestige Park Square appreciate the need for ordinary ventilation in addition to good lighting, which is why all of our units comprise these features in company with a well-balanced interior layout. Prestige Park Square is located on the famous Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore. Prestige Park Square offers 2 bhk, 3 bhk and 4 bhk units to the customers to choose from.


The project Prestige Park Square Bangalore offers a semi-attachment of open regions that are balanced by the nearby constructions. In actual fact, you have illustration admittance to the central green region which comprises the pool, the parks in addition to the play region. Above and beyond, the contact plaza is a big area of plant life and proceeds as a soft border flanked by the tangible external in addition to the plush internals of the building. Our use of region in Prestige Park Square has a choice of home fittings in addition to the announcement of privacy and thoughtful to keep your requirements in mind.

Prestige Park Square is one of the popular residential developments in Bangalore. Prestige Park Square is among the upcoming projects of its Builder. Prestige Park Square has lavish yet thoughtfully designed residences to offer consisting of 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom apartments spreading on large acres of land.

Prestige Park Square – Amenities

Prestige Park Square, one of the best residential projects, is the best pre-launch choice for property investments in Bangalore. Amenities provided in Prestige Park Square are 2Party Halls, Gymnasium, Spa & Health Club, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Basket Ball Court, Indoor Badminton Court, Indoor Board games, Indoor Squash Court, Table Tennis, Billiards, Space for Creche, Space for convenience store, Space for ATM, Mini-theatre, Cards room, launderette, Reading room and Open Terrace Party Area.

  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • 24 X 7 Security
  • Car Parking
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Cafeteria
  • Intercom
  • Power Backup
  • Maintenance Staff

Prestige Park Square clubs-in the finest of amenities which are spectacularly planned to suit the contemporary lifestyle. Prestige Park Square includes a clubhouse with gym, indoor/outdoor sports facilities, well-planned parks and play areas for kids to name a few.

As it’s famously said – Luxury must be contented otherwise it is not a luxury, Prestige has given its best shot with the project Prestige Park Square to provide a luxurious and a comfortable living to all its inhabitants. Prestige Park Square offers 2, 3 and 4 bhk apartments for sale in Bannerghatta road for its customers to choose from. With the completion of Prestige Park Square project, Bangalore city will get one more landmark project.


About Prestige

Prestige Group started their commercial journey in 1986 under a solidifying aegis and power of Mr. Razack Sattar, whose inclusion has considerably transfigured the skyline of Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Cochin, and Chennai. Over the years, the Group has served their clients across a diversified segment comprising of residential, commercial, retail, leisure & hospitality. In return for their sharp efforts, they have been bestowed with an excess of prestigious awards in their entire journey of architectural excellence.



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