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Prestige Park Square location

Construction Technology Trends

Construction technology is a field related to construction engineering that deals more with the practical aspects of projects. Construction technologists or construction technicians learn some of the design aspects similar to civil engineers and some of the project site management aspects similar to construction managers. Prestige Park Square is one among the properties on Bannerghatta road which follows a typical new construction technologies to over come many problems while building a residential skyscraper.

Prestige Park Square location
Prestige Park Square location
  • Types of Construction Technologies: Construction industry has a wide range of constructions suitable for every type of society. Commercial construction, industrial construction, domestic construction, heavy or civil constructions are a few examples that are now displaying master pieces of construction technologies.

Simple technological methods are usually preferred for domestic construction. These are mostly short term and low-cost projects.

In commercial construction, are mostly launched by government agencies. The basic concern is infrastructure that is responsible for strength and life of project. Thus, it is important to take care of the latest equipment, construction technologies, and materials.

  • Technology in building designs: Technology is helping in the advancement of various construction processes. One of them is emphasis on designing buildings before practically constructing these buildings. One of such computerized systems greatly enhances the communication among engineers and designers, that are working on the project is, Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Innovations in Construction Technology: There are also many innovations in the field of construction technology as we can see; there is huge difference between new and old construction methods. Use of latest equipment has made its way through the civil engineering. Most of the building parts such as pillars, roofs, and concrete blocks are available in prepared forms that increase the speed of construction process greatly.
  • The Green Revolution: The green revolution has also some effects on this industry. The latest concept has also emerged the global movement of saving the natural environment .It means natural environment should not be spoiled while constructing buildings, and materials used for building must be eco-friendly. It is actually an eco –friendly movement created to save our planet and require for both domestic as well as commercial constructions.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED): LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) is the latest approach in construction technology. It was designed to check whether an industry is using an eco-friendly model for the construction.
  • Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System: Now-a-days for the construction of bridges new technologies are introduced to reduce time and labor. Also it ensures the strength and stability for the project but also increases the overall cost of production. In early system, cables were drawn manually and then concrete was poured to enhance the sturdiness by using massive labor.
  • Styrofoam Panels: It helps in providing good resistance to heat convection and used in homes for the heat control. Styrofoam panels are actually EPS foam that is sealed between steel sheets for strength and this foam works as thermal resistor.
  • Unbounded PT Slabs: Unbounded PT slabs are being used in construction industry since long and have proven them beneficial. These are affordable for constructing modern buildings and are also considered reliable for their quality and strength. The unbounded PT slabs are light weight and flexible due to small thickness of its unbounded tendon.

Thus, construction technology focuses on construction and structural principles, safety standards, and the steps involved in the design, procurement and construction of a project.

Prestige Park Square

Why will south Bangalore be a good choice for urbane living

Bangalore is the city of dreams and is the most popular choice for living, for most of the people who are seeking jobs or are thinking of moving ahead in career. Bangalore provides a lot of amenities, facilities, and has a good infrastructure which is why it is one of the most popular choices of living. Bangalore has seamless transport, extremely well-defined lifestyle, and this is what makes it a popular place among the young generations. The other benefits of living in this city are excellent resources, good places of education and medical treatment and excellent recreational spots. Prestige Park Square is an upcoming residential apartments in Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.

Prestige Park Square
Prestige Park Square

Excellent location:

JP Nagar is one of the largest sectors which is a residential area in the south of Bangalore. There are a lot of developmental projects in and around this area, including Bannerghatta road. This part of the city is dynamic and expanding. The city has expanded because of the constant growth in the population that comes from other cities, due to the immense opportunities that the city has to offer. This part of the city is resplendent with lakes, Bannerghatta national parks, and beautiful parks.

Real estate development in this area:

This area is filled with a lot of projects which are built to suit the needs of people who have moved here. The population is mostly comprised of people who either belong to the entrepreneurial class or belong to the working class. All real estate projects are hence built in accordance to the needs of the people, with ranging from affordable projects, to luxurious projects, and there is a wide variety of apartment choices like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK, or studio apartments. The real estate projects are also fortified with a lot of amenities like the swimming pool, gymnasium, yoga centers, amphitheaters, basketball courts, squash courts and more.

Transport and connectivity:

With the Namma metro opening up in all different parts of the city, the roads being broadened and the lanes of the highways being expanded, the expansion and growth of Bangalore is predictable. South of Bangalore is more likely to see a huge influx of real estate properties because of excellent communication and transportation, which includes the state bus terminals, carpooling services and needless to say, the upcoming metro project.

This place is a micro market which flourishes because of the amenities that it provides. The fast developing nature of these areas is also responsible for quick growth and progress. The experts say that the projects in Bangalore keep witnessing growth, and this is one of the most stable regions as per as real estate is considered. This is expected that the number of projects will increase, and so will the home buyers keep flocking to this part of the city, chiefly because of the opening of the new office IT hubs in these locations.

Experts have predicted that there will be an accumulation of unsold projects too, but the lacuna will not last long as there will be instant buyers who will occupy the projects.