Master Plan

Prestige Park square Master Plan

The project will sprawl across several acres of land to leave ample amount of open space to give the residents an airy feel. Prestige Park Square will offer a stupendous lifestyle that’s about living lavishly, yet being very close to nature. On the other side, nature too will provide a healthier way of life here at Prestige Park Square Bangalore due to its presence being away from the hustle and bustle.

The Prestige Group has taken into consideration several factors so as to save water and energy in whatever form possible. Usage of solar panels and a water recycling plant within the project are currently in the pipeline and the feasibility is being evaluated. After all, offering world-class amenities and top-of-the-line architecture has been the trademark of Prestige Developers. They cater to the needs of the residents with an eye on practicality and innovativeness. A resident at Prestige Park Square Bangalore can relax till an extent where he/she can feel that life can also be without any worries, at least after returning from a toil at the workplace. Thus a resident can expect complete serenity and tranquility right here at Prestige Park Square.

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