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With the advent of the new year, new trends are coming up which you can utilize to decorate your own home. With all major interior designers dictating the trend of the year, it is time to check your list and find which are the items to try out and which are the things to retain. Prestige Park Square Residential Project can be embedded with best interior designs for ones own use.  Here are a few points to keep in mind before deciding the good ideas to try out interior designing in your own home:-

  • Chintz is definitely back for good. A part of old Victorian England style is coming back in people’s homes and chintz covers, curtains and fabrics are becoming the high point of fashion again!
  • Floral fabrics and tie and dye batik prints are going to go big in the interior design trends of the year! With a multitude of colors, homes will no longer be dull and covered in beige or grey, but rather it will be covered in good uplifting hues which change the atmosphere of the home.
  • There will be an overflow of authentic wooden furniture. Gone are the days when reclaimed wood means something in the world of interior design. Now everybody wants to have a unique set of chairs or tables which needn’t have the story but should exist on their own without a second replica being present.
  • The classics will return when it comes to the defining trends of the year. Trends like chintz, high back furniture, warm carpets will be back to adorn and decorate your own homes and give us respite from the rest of the world!
  • Gone are the day
  • The pattern is the biggest trend of interior design that is coming forward this year. With no more haphazard designs, patterns will be the ones to stay and make grand decorations all through the house this year.
  • Simplicity is the newest interior design fad. Gone are the days of overcrowded and over exaggerated designs would fill up and clutter our houses, now is the trend of simple living and high thinking.


Got any other trendy ideas for interior design for the upcoming months? Well, don’t hesitate! Feel free to try it out and decorate your house just the way you feel like you should, fit for a king to live! After all, your house is your protection in this ruthless world, and then the design should stay as such that it soothes you as you come home after a long day!


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